Date             Headline

03/11/2017          Completion of Entitlement Issue

26/10/2017          Change of Director's Interest Notice

19/10/2017          Change of Director's Interest Notice

19/10/2017          Offer Document Dispatched

17/10/2017          Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

12/10/2017          Letter to Shareholders

11/10/2017          Preliminary Drilling Results

11/10/2017          Appendix 3B

11/10/2017          Cleansing Notice and Offer Document

11/10/2017          Non-RenounceableIssue11.10.17.pdf

10/10/2017          Non-Renounceable Issue

19/09/2017          Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

14/09/2017          Appendix 4G

14/09/2017          Annual Report to shareholders

19/07/2017          Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

27/04/2017          Change of Director's Interest Notice

21/04/2017          LNK: Change of Perth Address for Shareholder Purposes

20/04/2017          Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

22/02/2017          Half Year Accounts

31/01/2017          Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

07/12/2016          Exploration Development Incentive Scheme

17/11/2016          Results of Meeting

20/10/2016          Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow Report

22/09/2016          Notice of Annual General Meeting

15/09/2016          Annual Report to shareholders

15/09/2016          Appendix 4G

27/07/2016          Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow Report

06/07/2016          Change of Director's Interest Notice

22/06/2016          Becoming a substantial holder

28/04/2016          Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow Report

12/04/2016          Exploration Development Incentive Scheme

25/02/2016          Half Yearly Accounts

25/01/2016          Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow Report

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